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Barbara Redenz – a Quilter
Barbara is a native Virginian. While working and raising a family, her obsession was “counted cross stitch”. That continued for 30 years until retirement. In 2000, she retired from Verizon Telephone Company and moved with her husband, Terry, to Hertford, NC.
She had always loved quilts. Her constant comment was,” when I retire, I am going to take a quilting class and learn how to make quilts”. After adjusting to retirement, she got in touch with a local quilt shop in Elizabeth City and took an eleven week class for beginning quilters. Shortly thereafter, she learned that her first grandchild was on the way and she began quilting with a purpose.
Besides the practical aspect to her quilting and fabric art, Barbara has created special quilts that are deeply personal. Her quilts are crafted for many milestones. Some quilts celebrate the birth of new generations. Some elegantly commemorate the bereavement of a dearly departed loved one. Some are whimsical to reflect special interests such as surfing for her grandson and the love of cats for her and her granddaughter.
In order to maintain the quality of her work, Barbara is continually participating in ongoing quilting classes. Barbara’s “labors of love” are very popular in the Perquimans Arts League gallery. You may already own one (or more) of her more practical items such as table runners, cloth napkins, key fobs, potato bags and a one-of-a-kind purses.
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